Ravenclaw vs. Hufflepuff - match report

The last but not least match of the season were playd by Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. Both teams were having issues during the season, so they already had negative points on the score board. So tehy playd for their own pride, for the fun and for the team spirit rather than for the cup. Which is not wrong at all.
Both strings were filled, 7 vs. 7. On both sides the captains led their teams into the match. Bellona Spiritus had Elaine Murray and Lily Mather on her side, Kendra Bell flew with Katna Malamius and Derek Pyrites. A small change on Ravenclaws side was Luke Schoenheit, who playd as keeper this time again, which was a good choice for this match
The match was a very good and very exciting one, we saw good actions and situations on both sides, there was no sure lead of Ravenclaw but a constant one. Whenever the gap seemed to widen, Hufflepuff again gave all in and got closer to the score of the team in blue and bronze. In the end it was a deserved win by Ravenclaw and an undeserved but fair loss by Hufflepuff. It was a match on a very high level and not surprising, as both teams came to this match with a victory from the previous matches.
The result: Ravenclae 520 - 430 Hufflepuff!

Congratulations to the team around Ravenclaw Captain Bellona Spiritus!


Gratz birbs!

Well played hooflie pooflies, match was close the whole time.

Yay ravenclae! I blame our heathers skins for win. All the chasers were Heathers, beaters were Martha and Kurt, and seeker was Veronica


you didn’t mention us all being dressed up as heathers characters

it was a beautiful match and the ravenclaws had big fun dressed up as characters from Heathers ;>

the chasers as the heathers, martha and kurt beaters, then lovely veronica and JD as seeker and keeper

good game to the huffs ;p

Whaaaat? I dono whatchu mean? xDD <3

No I did not :stuck_out_tongue:

First Hufflepuff dresses up as Ravenclaw and now Ravenclaw dresses up as people from Heathers.