Ready, Set, GO | DevAthlon

Welcome ladies and gentleman,

to the start of the first KnockturnMC DevAthlon. The time for your project starts the second this post goes live, and I personally wish you all the luck and skill you have :heart:
The topic for this DevAthlon is:

Magical Items and where to find them ~ Items found in the Harry Potter canon

Additional information:

  • As this topic has an incredible amount of possible implementations, be as creative as you can but follow the canon

  • Your plugin can simply implement an item (or a few), but you can also implement a cute way to get the magical item

  • Please commit your code regularly to allow a good sense of your project

  • If you are not sure if your idea is an item on the canon, please pm me/pandetta on discord

  • Any coding questions concerning the rules and the rules only can go to me (pandetta will be busy coding :wink: )

  • If you wanna make a resource pack, please provide it on the GitHub

  • You can recreate something from knockturn, but it will lose some points in creativity


Coding something like an invisibility cloak that you can equip and it will render you invisible and that you can get in-game by throwing an invisibility potion onto a leather jacket? But you can go a lot more complex.


@Pandette @Muzika @vcam123 @Kuwa @AussieDean @Keyla @Daniel @Lunch @MadHatterMojo concerning how most of the plugin developers are struggling to implement the topic in 48h I will double the time and put the next deadline at 0:00 5th December 2018. I will however give bonus points to those that finished their plugin early



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Now I don’t have an excuse for awkward bugs that I’m too lazy to fix >:VVVVVVV

Are the things gonna be implemented?

Depends on if people want them implemented, if they are decently coded, and if they should be their own plugin in the first place tbh.

Ratings will take a bit longer, Jordan will find some new judges but don’t worry yall get your prizes, I hope :ok_hand: really good plugins from Daniel and Carter so far. Keyla was pretty good too for her level of knowledge. Lucky you don’t even know code alot and that plugin works so damn boi :joy:


I have found new judges, there’s no need to worry, and it should not take too much longer.