Relocating a Floo Fire - Kat Weasley

Apparition License - Free
Floo - 600 Galleons.
Vanishing Cabinet - 1000 galleons + both cabinets built.
Replacing a Lost Apparition License - 10 galleons
Re-Applying for an Apparition License after having it revoked - 50 Galleons.
Repairing a Floo Fire that was put out - 30 Galleons
Relocating a Floo Fire - 100 Galleons
Repairing a broken Vanishing Cabinet - 15 Galleons

Minecraft Username: KneeCapDeleter

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Kat Weasley

Request: Relocating a floo fire

Coords to Floo/Vanishing Cabinet: 5192 19 6728 (old coords) - 4846 46 7587 (new coords)

Name for Floo/VanishingCabinet: Livre (old name) - Rat (if it can be changed)

Due to the fact that we are clearing out the Ministry, you will not have to pay for the floo’s relocation. Please direct whichever owner to this reply if they forget while moving it!