Remember me, AnaCloud? 😎

Y’all are hecking dead and it makes me sad, stop being dead- also I keep trying to log into the Minecraft server and it won’t let me, so sad face.

I miss being here though, I have such good memories of roleplaying (really badly, I was the worst roleplayer) till three in the morning…

Are any of my ol buddies still here? I only had a few, but still :joy:


Ana- are you using 1.13.2?

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Ana! It’s been a while xD. Hiii o/

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That is a very good idea and I will try that right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Hey Sofia! Wassup?

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Yeah haha it worked- thanks- also do people get on the server much anymore?

Depends on the time since most of our users are American, also we are in final exam period so people are a bit bussy this week :wink:

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heyo ana, I remember you but do you remember me? lol
It’s good to see you around again
as dani said, it is exam season so I’m going to be busy this week but next week or so I’ll start being able to play more often, and I might see you online!

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