Removing Emmae's messages

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Remove Emmae’s messages

Why it will be good:
In my opinion, Emmae is just annoying. The bot constantly breaks global rules which influence others to break them as well, and that’s something mod+'s have to constantly deal with. Newer people may also not be knowledgeable about Emmae being a bot, so whenever she says something mean, they may actually be hurt by it. It has happened before.

How it will work in code/other functions
I don’t code so I’m not sure how you would be able to stop it, or how long it may take. But, the messages from Emmae did stop for a few months in 2019 I believe.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Honestly not sure

Which server?


I very much agree with this. Her ability to random talk was all fun and games, but now it’s just annoying and unnecessary.

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Support this as well. As a compromise you could only have her activate when specifically saying her name to still allow those lost souls that like to talk to a bot to talk to her

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I support this mostly since she often interrupts conversations which is annoying and above all sometimes breaks global rules. I like the messages but only if you call her name :slight_smile:

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Agreed ^^

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This would be very nice, considering that Emmae’s dialogue is inappropriate is several ways…

  • Irrelevant.
  • Obnoxious.
  • Contains innuendos.
  • Sometimes rule breaking.
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This has already been taken under consideration and we’ve edited her database and given someone perms to continue editing it. The change was documented in our #dev channel on Discord. If she’s still saying things that you find rude or overly mean and inappropriate, please let a staff member know and her database will be edited!

**lease have what she said, word-for-word.

Btw, the #dev channel can be seen by all users if you wanna see it what changes we make as we make them ;3