Removing Shell’s Cottage

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Removing Shell’s Cottage.

Why it will be good:
I’ve noticed it leaves people out. By removing it, the idea of singling others out will be removed. I feel like other people can back me up here - and it’s happened to me myself - that people will often leave you in a VC and move to Shell’s Cottage. This makes you feel left out, and really inclusivity should be made not exclusivity. In addition, to this, it only holds 2 people. If you want, you can just VC in a private call.

How it will work in code/other functions
It will just need to be removed as a voice channel on the discord.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Anyone who can quickly remove the channel - and also has the ability to do so.

Which server?
The discord server.


It was originally 5 people, instead of only 2. I agree on this entirely though, if those 2 people want to VC, private call will do without problems.

the gang of left out kiddos shall rise

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So first of all, not everyone has the option of allowing private VCs with people unless they’re friended, secondly some people with not-so-strong PCs use it since starting a private call crashes them and thirdly isn’t that exactly what chats such as staff-general or more specifically admin does?

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Well staff voice channels may be discussing important topics. I personally understand that I can’t join admin voice chat because topics may be being discussed that I can’t know about.

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They can easily be friended to have a private VC, and they can always be removed as a friend after.

I just find this a bit of an unfair point xD It shouldn’t really be a reason to leave people out. It’s not other peoples fault that their PC isn’t so good and leaves them out. People can also PM and talk like that.

This is different. Admin channel is for staff and where sensitive topics can be freely spoken about. There’s a difference of what can be spoken about in there and what can be spoken about in a kind of public VC. It’s not exactly leaving people out, as it serves a duty and purpose for staff reasons that could benefit the server as a whole. It also doesn’t leave out or limit who can or cannot join.


@Dilssuperboy @Guneapigler since you both were/are staff- how often are they used for staff bussines? Not speaking that some people admit to hide in those higher VCs. Also speaking of fairness, is it fair people gotta be with people they may not feel like it by the time?
Edit to fix typos

It shouldn’t be 2. Should be at 5. Lol apparently i’m a mortal owner that’s unable to edit it though. Unless another co-owner has magical unique abilities, this may be something Pande needs to fix.

The concept of shell’s cottage was supposed to be a small group, which I don’t know who changed it to 2, but I put it back to 6, which I believe it was originally. The reason it is limited is because having so many many channels, its limited to allow people who are uncomfortable in channels that are ever growing from being overwhelmed. Yes that means ppl get left out from time to time, but the goal isn’t to leave people out rather to allow people to have a space not unlimited and also not too small.

Idk who changed it to 2, but i set it back to 6.


Thank you! :smiley:

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