Replacing Lost Apparition Licence

Apparition License - Free
Floo - 600 Galleons.
Vanishing Cabinet - 1000 galleons + both cabinets built.
Replacing a Lost Apparition License - 10 galleons
Re-Applying for an Apparition License after having it revoked - 50 Galleons.
Repairing a Floo Fire that was put out - 30 Galleons
Relocating a Floo Fire - 100 Galleons
Repairing a broken Vanishing Cabinet - 15 Galleons

Minecraft Username: Ari358

Hogwarts Roleplay Name: Jack Anderson

Request: Replacing a lost Apparaition Licence

So after it was cleared with Pande that you are allowed to make the apparition license since you yeared down, next time you see an Owner online and have the money ready please do a /helpop :slightly_smiling_face: