Report Adamauger and Anthaxas

These two after a settled dispute about them being “attacked” by a first year, decided to attack Colin Gibson (ign Terminator_T80) as soon as he spawned in, Adam using incendio and his go to alarte ascendare. Antlie later joined the fight, both having a callous disregard for rules and the fact we we were going to report them, calling it roleplay, when it was repeated. Antlie left but Adam continued to attack colin, using alarte allot, which i countered with molliare, and countering his incendio with blauflamma and epsikey. Iriitated by my intervention of his abuse, he later return using an invisibility potion to directly attack me with alarte (failed) and others with cattus meoweth. Direct message for screenshots.


can vouch for this. I was there… all this is true. Unfortunately.

Except you have no proof and this is a roleplay rule which doesn’t get reported on the forum, you nubs were the ones going around playerkilling now you’re getting all butthurt about a little self defense and shifting the blame trying to make us look bad, maybe if you weren’t abusive to literally everybody people wouldn’t have a reason to slap you around, we’re all tired of this crap people like you ruin the morale of the server, how about you children just chill and try to be mature instead of ruining everyone’s day with your ridiculous drama queen act.

I’m assuming you’re reffering to Colin? i never killed anyone, only witnessed you cast a bombard of spells at Colin, two wrongs don’t make a right, its not self defense if you attack first, umprompted. Not roleplay if you attack him multiple times, then attack me. If a mod could close this so i don’t have to respond to ineffectual conversation.

Or you could stop stepping in on something that’s not your business, something you know nothing about, you just got there after the fact and wanted to feel like a big man, causing trouble for people that were already wronged by reporting the wrong people for something collin did lmao this is exactly why we can’t have nice things bud he’s literally a y1 troll with no intent to play the server seriously yet you take his side, I’m losing brain cells from this grevious waste of time

tbh i don’t really care what happened before, nothing excuses the fact you starting casting on him the second he joined the server and then started casting on me? i made it my business when i tried to tell you to stop trying to kill him then attacked me. We can’t have nice things because of your bigoted eye for an eye mentality.

You are literally just feeding off of everyone’s pain by blowing this stupidly out of proportion, why don’t you grow the hell up and stop causing trouble for people WHO WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU OR THIS IMAGINARY DRAMA YOU’RE SPINNING, kindly turn off your PC and just stop harassing me

Ooft, appears i’ve hit a nerve luv. Causing trouble like casting on someone trying to diffuse a situation?


Look at this cute pic of us , me on fire and incendion coming off you x

You’re instigating you cry to the admins about some made up assumptions because you dont even know what really happened the way you’re hitting a nerve is being a little keyboard warrior trying to act tough when we all know you’re just a child trying to make himself feel good at other peoples’ expense, some people just want to watch the world burn… I literally just want to enjoy knockturn without these people attacking me then trying to make me the bad guy because I won’t sit there and take it, because they don’t get their way

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and they say i’m over reacting

Okay guys im closing this post since reports should have this structure:

  • 1st post about the report.
  • 1 reply defense with proof.
  • If clarification needed, 1 post by original poster - usually unneeded.

Please wait patiently for an admin+ to solve this.


Perhaps some clarification of the rules should be made.

Adam is correct that normally casting on others is not reportable. However, if Ben is correct, and colin was attacked as soon as he came online, and it happened repeatedly without colin doing anything at first each time, that is no longer self defense or anything, but closer to active harrassment to prevent a player from enjoying parts of the server.

If this colin was the same one that was taking mob drops from other first years, then an acceptable course of action would be to use a non lethal spell like baub to warn him away and only if he approached with clear intent on taking the drops. Or again, help the kid in casting and killing his first mob.

So to summarize, yes hagrids hut is pvp. Technically yes, so long as a prof isnt there you can cast on others. But you should never target one player again and again, esp if all they have done after healing is appeared at hagrids again.

Staff can look further into this, if one wants to claim they did try helping colin/have proof he was approaching to steal drops another first year worked hard to get. Again and again after healing.

Darling, harassment is not a roleplay rule. Casting on others is allowed in the forbidden forest, until the point when it becomes harassment. As a long standing user on the server, I would think you knew this. If someone else is being ‘abusive’ to someone, instead of ‘slapping them around’ you REPORT IT TO THE MODS. In your own words you have made yourself guilty.

smdh. Why can’t people just report to us early instead of acting like little jerks?


You don’t have to respond to it either way. Next time be the bigger person and let him make himself into an ass instead of joining him.

Yes calling people a child doesn’t radiate out salt. Lets think to what we are saying instead of acting mature here. Name calling and insulting is definitely how we show that we are being a mature person.