Report Emileronci

Emil has been repeatedly casting rictusempra on people and trying to escape either by flying, flooing, or running away. Me and JahTheRooster were both being attacked by him in non-pvp areas like diagon alley and London. Since there were no staff on at the time and we were repeatedly being attacked after asking him to stop multiple times, we began to attack him, and he asked us to stop. When we did stop, he immediately started casting rictu on us again. This kind of stuff has been going on for a while and I’m tired of having to deal with it. When we got Keyla online to deal with it we were all in his apartment where he had locked us in a room. He tried attacking me and Keyla saying we couldn’t be in his apartment. When she apparated out of the apartment he came down again and started casting rictusempra again and attacking us with bombarda. It’s really annoying how he keeps doing this and if it’s possible to do something about this besides removing house points that would be great.

Got any proof of te constant casting on you?

Yes, but any proof of him where we can clearly see he was casting on you?

I didn’t think to take any screenshots, but Keyla said this should work.

To be able to do something about it we need proof that he was actually casting on you. If it happens again just make a video and make a new report please or if there’s any staff online do /helpop :wink:

I did make a /helpop and Keyla told me to make a report and put this screenshot on it. She said that mods could handle it.

I also couldn’t of had proof that he was directly casting on us without showing the particles, which would’ve been really hard and I could not have shown any other proof besides that because he has it NV