Report Offense - Attacking During Class

During class, I’ve been trying to learn, but Antonius Sinta and Rocco Butler keep hitting me with rictusempra or incendio. It’s happened every Magical Theory class, and I can;t stand it! I don’t like having to hide from them while I’m trying to do my work and listen to the teachers. It’s really distracting and completely ruins my focus during the class. I just want them to be banned so this could stop.

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I’ve been having similar experiences. I thought it was funny when I first joined, like “Haha, you got me paralyzed. Good one,” but now it proves to be quite distracting. I have told them to stop attacking me or my friends multiple times, and they have either responded “Just messing with the Huffles,” “sry,” or ignored my request. Thank you for noticing our requests.

Turn /spellpvp off, if he distracts you on purpose during class call a professor with proof.

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ircc spellpvp has no effect on rictu @lynxplay

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That’s correct

I believe multiple people collected proof if I am correct, this is in fact constant.


It does not. Rictus isn’t marked as a PvP spell

Thank you for reporting! We do not support such behaviour, hence staff and devs will be looking into this and will try to prevent issues such at this from occurring in the future. :heart:

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