Report Various Staff Members - Inconsiderate Behavior from Staff to Player

(I’m not going to point fingers in this directly)
(Also, apologies if this is the wrong category to post this in.)

I’m making this complaint regarding yesterday’s (03/16/2020) incident with the boats in the entrance hall and the great hall.

I’m okay with saying that I was originally responsible for placing the boats there. I was not aware at the time that it would cause lag or be bannable. I am not a very smart person, and I’ve been trying to improve that. My apologies for not reading the rules, but the staff assuming things about me is just uncalled for. Here’s an example:

There are reasons why I don’t read rules, it’s not necessarily that I don’t want to, it’s just that certain disorders (ADHD and ASD to name them. you probably didn’t know that, but now you do) sometimes cause me not to have the “strength” to read things like rules. (including not behaving appropriately at times, I’ll admit)
I would also like to add that I did not argue with staff, nor did I harass them, I was only expressing how I felt about having my things burned after politely asking to have them returned several times. And I’ll add that I did help in the cleanup, after I realized that placing the boats was not okay. Let me make one thing clear, I did not intentionally place the boats in the gh to cause lag. I had no idea that it would be a problem until afterwards

That is all for now, good day

My apologies for not reading the rules, but the staff assuming things about me is just uncalled for. Here’s an example:

By joining the server you enter a social contract to follow the rules whether you read them or not. Which means regardless of your knowledge of the rules, if you break them, you are subject to punishment. We cannot make exceptions for anything irl because that would be unfair to others. So if you’re going to not read the rules, regardless of the reason, you will be subject to the same restrictions of everyone else.

As for things burned, etc, just like when you break the law in real life, if you force someone to fix something you did, you may not get things returned. If you don’t want to lose things, don’t use them to break the rules.

As for ASD or ADHD, I have plenty of friends who have both, many of which are ON STAFF, as well as SEVERAL family members with these disorders, and they do not break the rules or ignore them, nor do they use their disorders as excuses for doing bad things.


I’m not trying to start an argument, but I was not using the fact that i have those disorders as an excuse to not read the rules. What I meant is that I have a hard time reading/doing things I don’t want to read/do sometimes.

Also, I’m just curious as to why it was ok for staff to place pies everywhere in the Great Hall that one time, but not ok in my case for placing the boats. I’d like to say I was not trying to cause problems/trouble when I decided to place the boats. The pies were also causing lag and problems (from what I heard), but no one was punished for it, why is that? Staff should be held responsible/punished for breaking the rules more than that of players in my opinion, it is their duty to uphold the rules and make sure everyone is following them after all.

Lastly, I know what I did was wrong now and will not do it again. I’ll try to read the rules too from now on.

This is literally every human alive, they still do. Why is placing pies in the great hall? I don’t know of who did this, but there is a big difference between boat enties and dropped objects.

A Boat is not just an entity, but it is an entire mob who has ability to be a vehicle and various other mob things. That would be like asking why we don’t allow cow farms of a specific size.

Regardless of if staff spammed pies or NOT, you intentionally caused lag. You broke the rules, arguing about that and complaining about it is ridiculous.

Read the rules. Whether you want to or not. You have that capability. If you don’t, you are not exempt from the consequences, end of story.