Resetting my character

1 or 2 years ago, I joined this server using a laptop with 4gb of ram, intel uhd graphics, and a processor with the power of a potato. I played the server periodically, with small amounts of progress, but never being able to really enjoy everything, as I crashed often and could barely participate in classes and events. I now have a laptop with and i5 processor, gtx 1650 graphics card, and 8gb of ram, which runs the plugins just fine, with about 50 to 60fps, which means I can now enjoy the full glory of Knockturn MC. But, as I had joined before, I have items, I have lost most of my mo6767, and have no idea what to do.

I would like all my progress to be reset. Now, I read this was not allowed so as to not give people a chance at getting a last name like Potter or Granger, which would be unfair. But maybe we could get around that by making sure I keep the same name and house? All I really want to do is to enjoy the server from the beginning, the right way.

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Money, not mo6767.

I’m not staff so I can’t answer u for sure, But I also used to play years ago and returned a few months ago, They said I cant reset, but dw after a short while u will relearn everything :smiley:

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We can’t reset anyone’s progress. However, you can relearn the server by completing quests (right click Tom the Barkeep at /spawn) or asking a staff member for guidance using /helpop.

There are some things you can change. You can change your gender for free by applying here on the forums. You can change your name by applying here as well. Changing one name is 600 galleons, changing both at the same time is 1000 galleons. You can change your house at year 3 by applying for a house change.

Since you’re a year one, there wouldn’t be much to reset progress wise anyway.