Resignation - Alithea Green

Just typing out that title makes me feel sad. Of course, I love both of my positions at Knockturn, but I think the busyness of life is catching up to me and I can’t do both of them at the same time. I think I’ll be able to better handle just Lore Team.

So I’m officially resigning from Helper. I still love the job, but it’s just something I don’t think I can do anymore. At this point, I just feel so stressed with everything happening in my life and it feels almost like a chore–which I don’t want it to be.

However, I’m still going to keep my Lore Team position, since I’m in love with writing and I think it will be easier to fit into my schedule. I hope that now I’ll have more time to focus on this one position rather than worrying about managing two at the same time. Still, I’ll definitely miss being a Helper.

Thanks for all the great memories during this job. Don’t worry, you’ll still see me around. :3


phew you scared me for a second even though I just talked to you about lore things lol :heart: helper team will miss you

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