Resignation - Arya Nesimi // Roran Kirkland

I know I recently got accepted to the builder team and I’ve been on the helper team for a little bit but I’ve bitten of more than I can chew. I need some time to learn my limits.

I’d like to resign from Mordonia builder and helper.
I would like to stick with lore team though, if that’s okay.
(All Mordonia)

I don’t want to continue hindering the server. I’m not offering the best idea’s so people just have to keep explaining to me why things wont work. I’d rather the server get to grow then have to baby sit me some more. I just need more room to think for a little bit.
Once I get some more head space I may re-apply in the future.
So yeah…ta da.

Unfortunately, your resignation was not accepted. This could be due to a number of reasons and there isn’t any exact formula for explaining why or why not someone has to stay on staff. After this, you cannot resign at any time, as you will be automatically denied. No thank you for your resignation!

(take care and come back to us)


{Vote} No
{Time Spent} Since over a year when we met in the great hall so a lotttta time

{Reason One} Uhhh why not

{Reason Two} I’d rather keep him as staff thanks

~ Roran
~ Don’t
~ Resign

In seriousness, we’re going to miss you a lot. At least Lore is keeping you. Hope once you gain more time you can return to MHelper.


Okay okay, I’m calm, pls never leave Lore Team ;^;

Roran I personally think you had amazing ideas, come back when you’re ready, till then we’ll miss you, I really hope sometime, once you’re ready you can return back to Helper or Builder ;-;