Resignation - Aslynn Price

As much as I hate to do this I have to resign, recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been too obsessed with the server and it’s caused me to grow away from my family and friends. There’s been too much stress around everything’s that’s been going on. So I will be resigning and staying off the server for quite some time. Thanks for everything that everyone’s done and I’ll see all of you next time.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving. Ofcourse family and friends are always number 1 though! I really hope to see you around again :heart: I hope we can still vc sometime :smiley:

Gonna miss ya a lot, But family and friends always come first, I hope we can still talk sometimes :heart:

Ashlee bb nu ;-; totally understand that family and friends come first, and I hope to chat it up with ya again sometime :heart: :heart:

I’ll miss you Ashlee. I love you lots and I hope you’re okay! Gonna miss you, but it’s understandable. Please come back every now and then at least :heart:

Come back every known and again! :heart:

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