Resignation - Bambi Cunningham

Mordonia didn’t take me.

Skyrim + Real life did.

I’m resigning from everything and in general leaving online games/interactions. For the past 5 years… it was my escape and it made me happy. But, it only made me feel worse in the long run. I’ll be deleting discord, and generally just leaving the online world in general. I’ll miss you all… too much. It’s just the best for me ATM.

As Liam says, I hate you all.

In conclusion

I lowkey hate my dad for introducing me to Minecraft


:c but I dislike being hated…
I hope your life improves, come back if you ever need to though

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Bambi… bby no :frowning:

I cri but hopefully we’ll see you back one day. Hope life works out for you <3

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nuu don’t leave

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I understand you hate us what you’re doing and I hope you’ll be back…

ALSO WHAT 5 YEARS?!??!?!??!?!?


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Oh my gosh. Nuuuuuu this made me cry and broke my heart. Bambae we love chu and you’re always welcome back <3.

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Noooo Bambi ;-; Not from snapchat, i’m going to miss you so much! D: Please come back if you ever feel the need to. I support you and I hope you flourish in the wondrous world of real life.

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Bbbb no D: I’m gunna miss you so much <\3

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Nuuuuuuuuuu, no more Bambi on Knt cricricri. And you didn’t even get to hear me voice ;-;

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Im so sad to see you go :frowning: but thanks so much for all of your help, Bambi!! Take care <3

Knockturn will always be here to welcome you back (along with ravenclaw) :wink:

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You must at least give me your broom i’m your chaser child.

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:sob:I’ll miss you! I hope your life is good and full of cereal (cause cereal is good). I remember when you guided me and Caspian Hughes.

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Decided not to leave from Snapchat:

Snapchat: lucy.pick

And awe guys I love you too <3 I’ll miss you too and it’s just for the best rn… Knockturn will forever be in my heart

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I cry. Bambi, you made an addition to our staff team and you are a great person. It is of course that we will miss you, including me :3. But I also see, that your decision makes sense. I wish you the best luck and hope you may return to us one day, and even if it is just a visit for once. <3

Mistress, please lord no. I’ll miss you so much, I can’t even. Thank you for being my Mistress Bambae. I hope life treats you well, but if you ever decide to come back, we’ll always be here for you <3
I hope life can be nicer to you, bad life and Good luck bb!

Nu!Now all the Cunninghams are going extinct!First Austin then you ;(

Don’t forget about Daniel ;<

I’m so sorry to see you go, take care Bambi

Nuuu bamboo :c you were fabulous and I’m sorry to see you go :frowning:️ Good luck in the future and take care <3 I hope you make your return to knockturn one day :smiley:

I am now going to cri–I love you fam. You were one of the best staff and I could always talk to you and you were chill… but I do respect your choice to leave. I wish I could leave online too, but I dont really have anything else to do with my life…

I’ll miss you ;’(

too bad I dont have snapchat