Resignation - Cora Prion (Mod. + Builder)

I’d like to start this off by saying, I’m sorry. I wasn’t as ready to return to staff as I thought, and now I cannot stay staff any longer. I rushed into reapplying and now I’ve yet again fallen out of interest with the server. I understand it looks like I’m just ““pulling a Kaneki””, applying for staff then disappearing, but that was not my intention.
I came back too soon and now I no longer have an urge to log on once a week, let alone once a day. Quidditch was the main reason I returned and now that I’ve left that scene I feel no more reason for me to stay. I’m falling behind on playtime, contributions, and voting on staff apps. I won’t say I love you all, because there are definitely some people who solidified my decision to leave in a negative way. I will say, however, that it has been amazing catching up with the people I left behind in January and getting to know those who have moved up since then.
I will most likely stay around forums and the server occasionally until my 2 years post, but after that I will rarely come online.

Again, sorry for letting you down yet again, and thank you for giving me the chance to reconnect with some old friends.


You didn’t let anyone down, Cora. You worked hard when you were Admin and some of us get into things we realize we aren’t ready to do. I rushed into reapplying Mod in January and I regretted it, don’t worry. We all make those bad choices. Sorry to hear you’re leaving, byee! ;-;

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Didn’t know ya that well but thanks for being a part of the team ^-^ hope all goes well for ya and sad to see ya go ;-;

Uh Cora nuu, my first Dada Prof, dun go. .-.
I remember that class because it was one of my first classes. And you had this skin with the brown robe. Hopefully will see you around o/

Nuu Cora, you were a great staff member and you did amazing you helped me out when I was a lil helper/mod! Hope things will turn out well for you in the future and maybe you’ll return once again! :heart:

You were the only fellow Aussie on the staff team that I know~ ;A;