Resignation - Dils Blackthorn

With great regret, I am resigning from the Professor team. School is starting soon, and I don’t think I will have the time to be a Professor as I am currently an Admin on Mordonia. I’ve got a busy year, and once this GCSE year is over I may reapply again. After the update, I don’t think I will have time to learn everything or keep up with it.

My time, as staff, on Knockturn has been great. I’ve done some things I had fun doing, and I’m glad about this.

I am not leaving, I will pop on from time to time. But, I will not be on all the time.

Thanks for giving me a good time as staff, I appreciate it so much. I’m sure I will reapply again some day.

TL;DR - I’m resigning from Professor.


Aww noo! Your classes were great and you were the first I supervised (with Hari tho :3) I hope you’ll reapply again!! :heart:

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)))): you were a great addition to the team, I do hope you choose to reapply :heart::heart:

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Sad to see you leave Dils, I hope you will reapply one day.

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:cry: nuuu dont leave uuus!!!
If you ever decide to apply back we’ll becwaiting for you with oir arms wide open :heart:

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