Resignation - Euie Lupin

I think that this has been coming for a while, and there are a lot of reasons behind my choices, which I would love to go into, but simply don’t have the energy to do so. I’ll briefly summarise my thoughts though.

Progress and player-retention has dwindled and pretty much come to a complete standstill. Promises get made, and nothing changes. When it comes to my work as a builder, I feel as though the expectations set for us, and the size of the team we have, is completely unrealistic and it has caused me to repeatedly burn out, and removed a lot of enjoyment of minecraft for me, and after my MIA, that spark has come back, but I can feel it fade if I even think about logging on to the server to work. – The team is simply too small, and certain members off the higher staff refuse to compromise.
I feel as though during my time on the staff team, and these last couple months especially, my opinion is dismissed and I feel as though I am not respected or cared about, with two or three people being the exception to that. I feel unwelcome, and like I am unable to progress and grow as a person within the server and as such, it is time for me to leave.

Knockturn has been there for me for years on end, and I’m sure I will eventually return as a player, as I have always been someone who played Knockturn on and off, with long breaks between stints.
For now though, this is likely goodbye, as my opinions on certain people within the server worsens, and I feel like I can no longer call Knockturn my home.

TLDR; I’ve had enough, and resign from all my positions. Builder, Lore, and Helper.