Resignation - Grace Granger

Hey, so I’ve been thinking about this for a few weeks now and I think its time for me to resign.
Currently, there’s not really been many opportunities for me to teach due to my own availability and others’ availability.
Whilst, I very much enjoy the professor role and love it greatly, I just don’t think it would be very smart of me to stay in a role to which I’m not 100% dedicated to.
That being said I will miss being a member of staff (no matter how small my role was it still meant a lot) and I wish everyone remaining on the staff team the best. <33
P.S Should probably say that I’m probably not going to be on the server much for a while, but feel free to msg me on discord :slight_smile:


nooo i never got to assist ur cool herb classes :pensive::pensive::pensive: hope to see maybe see u back one day!! :heart::heart::heart:

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Hope to see you back one day as well :heart: though you can’t get rid of me this easily, sorry not sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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