Resignation - Luke Schoenheit

as you may have noticed i haven’t really been on the server at all lately, and honestly i’ve just sorta lost motivation to keep playing as much as i used to and as much as is expected from a moderator, therefore i will be resigning from this position. (also i’m cancelling my builder application since in the time between me applying, and me getting accepted and given a build test, i’ve lost all the enjoyment and gotten sorta burnt out from the server which i believe has stemmed from simply overworking myself and turning playing her into a chore so yeah lol sorry builders xx)

as fun as it’s been helping the server as a mod helping the server, it’s no longer realistic for me to keep this position, and simply unfair to the rest of the mod team for not playing.

maybe i’ll reapply to this position one day, but for now, i’m content with planning out all the cool events for y’all, making sick tik toks with bell, and the occasional class assisting i do.

i won’t be as much online on the server but if u ever wanna chat me up don’t be shy to @ me or dm me on discord lol i’m pretty cool

i’ll still be active on discord and for events and stuff like that lol so it’s not like i’m leaving the server

anyway goodbye mod team love u

tl;dr resigning from moderator and cancelling my builder application but keeping all my other roles xx


thanks for everything o/

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