Resignation - Magdalene Mulciber

Yo, I’m resigning from Lore Team since I am effectively useless to it at the moment and for the forseeable future.

IRL for me has been an ongoing situation which resembles a trainwreck, except continuous; the train wrecks in perpetuity and doesn’t stop wrecking if that makes any sense.

I really, really didn’t want to do this, but I’m barely ever on the server anymore anyway. I love this place, but I just plain don’t have enough time anymore. It’s been fun, and I wish y’all the best.

Took me a month and a half to finally work up the nerve to post this, as if I haven’t been useless ever since I started that day job…

I’m sorry.


Take a lot of care <3
I hope your IRL gets better too :slight_smile:

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I’m glad we had some fun times together and take care :slight_smile: