Resignation - Melody Owen

I’m crying as I write this but I’m resigning from my positions… You might have noticed that i’ve been MIA a lot due to irl things…I don’t want to really resign, and I love all of you, but right now I’m not in a good place mentally and as such not able to work on the server. Any questions and you know me decently, ask I don’t mind…
With heavy regret,
Melody Owen <3


NOOO :sob:

ima miss u, boo. I hope things get better for ya :heart:

nononoNOOOO :sob:

I’ll miss you a lot Melody and good luck irl <3

This resignation has been denied. Please try again in two weeks.

I kid, but shall miss seeing you in admin chat. Hope irl treats you better soon!

We’ll miss youuuu :sob:

You’ll be missed Mel! Hope everything gets better soon <3

Sometimes you just gotta take a step off for a bit, don’t forget we are all here for you!

You’re amazing and don’t forget it, ever. We’re all here for you. :heart: