Resignation ~ Michelle King

Scared you enough? Cool.

Resigning from Professor Assistant only. It’s not as enjoyable as it used to be for me, and I don’t want to hold someone else’s spot.

Adios, professors and PAs.


gurl why did you do that to me </3

Oml I was so scared ;-; glad you’re staying admin :slight_smile:

Whai?! (Got scared for a second there) :heart:

michelle omg i almost DIED

Oh jeez I was soo scared, sad to see you go tho, you were defo the best PA <3 If you ever decide to come back, we’ll wait you with our arms open.

Lmao you scared me there for a second grandbaby.

shelly why must you almost give me a heart attack

Michelle noo WHY-oh it’s only PA. Dang you really scared me there </3

Oh my goodness that was scary, I genuinely freaked for a second but wow

You gave me a heart attack dude oml

my favorite pa is leaving. sad