Resignation - Ophelia Clairmont

Yes, I do believe it’s that time. I’m resigning from Helper and PA on Hogwarts because I just don’t have enough time to keep up with everything while trying to be a good lil admin on Mord. I feel like I just need to focus on other things rather than having duties hold me down when I’m not really wanting to do them anymore. There are so many people who would fill my spot so much better. While I have enjoyed helping noobs and assisting classes (and, well, there isn’t a high demand for PA’s anymore xD), and I always will love it, I just honestly think it’s my time to say goodbye to the Hogwarts staff team (even though I do realize neither of those roles are actual staff xD) I probably won’t reapply, but I’ve definitely enjoyed my time as a helper and a PA and I hope I could have really helped some people out on the server. I’m not quitting Hogwarts, I’ll pop in here and there, maybe attend a few classes here and there and I’ll defitinetly be online for events (oh how yes and quidditch!), but I’d like to dedicate most of my time to paving the way for Mordonia. Love you guys :heart:


We have fully taken another MWAHAHAHA

I saw you put the resignation in the chat and I was like "NO, NO SHE DID NOT LEAVE US ALREADY"
Then I saw it was for hogwarts
Mord loves you <3

But yessssss embrace the mord side

Oml, you scared me so hard Oph, never ever do that again,
We love you so much though <#


I thought you were resigning from Admin lemme catch my breath :joy::joy::joy:

oh i got so scared DONT DO DAT AGAIN