Resignation - Penelope Stone

“As of today, I’m starting a 6-week sleep-away camp. If it were up to me, I would find the time to maintain the helper role, as I love doing it so much. However, the guest wifi at this camp makes me unable to log onto the server or even onto the knockturn networks website to make this post. I fully intend to reapply for helper as soon as my camp ends, but for now I’m forced to resign and go MIA for a little while. I’ll be on discord though, and I can’t wait to rejoin the community as soon as I can!” - Penelope Stone (PennyMerry)


Omg noo there goes a super active helper :sob: We’ll miss you on the team!

And I’ll miss you even more ;-;

We will miss you, you were a great helper, and I hope you will come back to the team.