Resignation - Penguin Adelaine

TLDR; Resigning from all roles

First of all, I’ve never thought that I’d be resigning (kind of thinking I’d get fired a few months ago xD) but anyways.

The main reason for resignation is that I’ve received a scholarship to study in the USA for a year. (noice) With that, I simply do not have time for working here anymore. Besides, I would always pick school over KnockTurn any day. You’ve probably seen me going MIA for a while too. That’s because I was doing too much paperwork for this.

Over a year and a half of working here I couldn’t say enough thank you and sorry to everyone I want to. But, big thanks to Bess for being with me since the first few weeks of me getting the Professor job (and when I almost had a breakdown) until I became moderator. And Anthony, who was with me since I came back playing in 2019? 2020? Can’t really remember now.

Will I be leaving this server? Definitely no, I’ll still be popping on discord from time to time so don’t worry about that.

With all of the above being said, I’ll now be resigning from all positions.

Penguin/Pengi/Pingu/probably more that I can’t remember?