Resignation - Roran Kirkland // Arya Nesimi

I really didn’t want to do this but everything has been leading up to it. I haven’t been on recently for school is piling up and as an actor I’m starting to make a name for myself in the are a so that’s adding more aswell. I love Knockturn. I love hogwarts, towny, Mordonia…but it isn’t my priority anymore. I am not quitting the server. In fact I am going to try to stay very active in Mordonia RP…especially since My character is like kind of a princess.

What I am saying though is that I don’t want people to keep relying on me and then me letting them down. So I would like to A) Apologize to Mstaff and B) Thank them.

I’ll see you guys around the server, forums, and discord <3

TlL;DR: I’m resigning from all staff roles


UGH RORAN! You better not stop messaging me at 5AM I stg. <3

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You will be missed on Mstaff :heart:

:frowning: You were a great member while it lasted, Roran!

I didn’t know you too well, but I did know you were in my town and were a pretty cool guy :stuck_out_tongue: I hope you still come on Knockturn occasionally, good job on staff!

I’m glad you’re not leaving, to help me through this rocky patch in my life (you know what I’m talking about) I’ll try to be there for you as much as I can.