Resignation - Sergio Strange

Unfortunately, I am only now realizing that my poor time management just simply does not enable me to be as responsible as I should be with all my staff roles. I will be resigning from Professor and Texture Artist, but plan to hold on to builder.

I’ve gotten lazy as a horrid procrastinator and I am paying the price for it in real life. My schedule is just so full with classes and work and my lack of skill and commitment to scheduling only makes it difficult for me to balance my outside desires when I am free with being a staff member on KTN.

With that said, I do not want any staff members relying or expecting me in any roles as I don’t believe I will be able to fulfil my duties as a staff member should for the time being. Professor and Texture Artist that as of right now, especially fall under that category.

Perhaps I will see in the future, especially after this semester, if my time opens up and I get myself a little bit more together, I will become more active and reapply. For now however, I don’t trust myself to be able to commit and don’t want anyone holding expectations for me.

It’s been fun, love all my fellow staff members!

Cya around.


It’s been a great time, glad you’re still partially staying :slight_smile:


Course mate :ok_hand: