Resignation - Sergio Strange

Hey knockturn! Soooooo after a long time of being a helper I have finally decided to resign and move onto other things on the server. When I first applied to be a helper, as I said in my application months ago when I made it, I did it to redeem myself. I had a very well known bad reputation that I wanted to change by being a helper and I feel as though overtime I have finally done just that. Its been fun, I am not quitting the server, I am just ready to move onto other things and end being a helper. My conscious is clear and I am satisfied and done being a helper. Thank you.


Thanks for all the work you put in, Sergio!


My pleasure Hari <3

Your time and efforts have definitely helped our community grow! Take care for now <3

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When he didn’t kill the noobs yall mean. jkjk Sergio, you’ve done a good job and I appreciate that. I hope you are teasing a fututre application bc I wanna see dat ;D


Thank you Lisa :heart:

Thank you Max, and well maybe :wink:.

That’s strange. .-.

Oof noo Sergio!! I love you, thanks for all your help <3


Love you to Bambi :heart:️ It’s been fun

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