Resignation - Smile King

I think it’s time for me to resign. I have been considering this for a few months already and I think it’s time to close this chapter of my life and move on. I haven’t been enjoying my staff role at all lately, it’s not the fun that it used to be and has become more and more of a chore over these past few months.

Overall I have had an amazing time as a staff member and I hope to make many more memories on the server in the future. This isn’t a goodbye because I’ll still be around, just not as much. I’d miss the good moments too much :,)

I wish the staff team a lot of luck for all the projects that are to come and I hope that the server will profit from all the hard work that has been done lately.

Edit: by chance I realised I’m still a translator, I’m fine with staying that. I’ll try to actually help you Eevee no worries :wink:


Can’t wait for you on the developer team <3
Take care and pop onto the discord often enough to not loose contact.


Thank you for all the advice, mentor! Couldn’t have done it without you! See you around <3

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Will miss calling you Smiley boi in admin chat :pensive: you better accept my Instagram follow request so you can’t get rid of me forever :V

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If you don’t become a dev or at least a trainee my sadness will be infinite :sob:

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It is sad to see you go Smile. But I am happy that you won’t leave me alone as a translator. And I am grateful for the help. :heart:

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