Resignation - Tal Trelawney

If someone had told me back when I first joined the server that I was going to stay longer than a week I wouldn’t have believed you as I only joined to explore the server half heartedly. Surprise surprise who would have thought I would have gotten all the way to Co-Owner. :eyes:

Do I have any regrets? No, even with all the ups and downs I’ve had during my time on the server, the good and the bad, I enjoyed working and meeting with all sorts of people and importantly being part of this community.

However, the time has come where I have finally decided to step away from Knockturn. Many probably aren’t surprise by this news as I have, since last year, been floating the idea around for me to resign. But as much as I will miss it I do believe this is better for me to be able focus my time on more personal goals in my life.

I’m sorry to builders who will have to continue working on without me, however these recent times have just further confirmed I cannot stay to help out as I tend to get too invested and need to priorities irl demands.

Thank you everyone who I’ve had the pleasure to meet as both Tal and Smol. Will see you around possibly. :heart:

TLDR: I am resigning from all staff roles, Co-Owner, Fenixfyre House Head and Head Builder.

~Smolo/Tal :sunflower:


<3 o//

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Pande I can’t do any work for the next 3 weeks, I’m in mourning

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Resignation not accepted, please come back to work immediately.
-the management.

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But- but- but- Prophet… I-

Wish you all the best! :heart:

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respectfully, bell

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How dare you. please come back :pleading_face:

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