Resignation - Winter Rose

I was trying to avoid this, because I thought at some point I’d be able to come back. Unfortunately my life has become too full of doctors, work, therapy, and trying to focus on my overall health. Which I would’ve not like to have had to deal with in the first place, but it is good that I’m focusing on getting better both physically and mentally after a lot of what I’ve went through the past half year. But it isn’t fair to the staff to keep holding on. I’ll still visit every so often and say hello because there are a bunch of people that I’m gonna miss.

Hari: Ive been looking up to you for as long as I could remember on Knockturn. At first I was very intimidated by you but came to realize you are one of the sweetest people on Knockturn. You have helped support me through a lot! You are so funny, and such a sweetheart. Thank you! I will watch you steal legs in spirit.

Ryder: Hi mom! You stood by my side and listen to me constantly rant about life. You gave me amazing level headed advice which helped me to not go crazy. You made me laugh a lot, and you got me to start watching Glee again. I thank you for that. You are such a caring friend and I really appreciate you in my life.

Emma: U are my child. You have always been there for me, and concerned about my health. You have checked in on me constantly to make sure I was okay. You made me laugh, you make others laugh, and you are invested in this family like no other. You are a true friend.

Becky: U are also my child. You have supported me through a lot as well according to my health and happiness. You and Emma make a great team. You stand up for the underdog like no other, you are passionate about protecting the smol beans on this server and you are amazing for it.

Catherine: You were my freaking idol, I thought you were the coolest person ever and you still are! I’m gonna miss your hilarious pranks and being your test dummy for spells lol. You made me laugh a lot and filled my mind with wonder when I was younger, I really appreciate it.

Bellona: I’m gonna miss our little chats in the EH while you sneakily keep an eye out for those trying to break the rules. You remind me of an owl. In the best way lol. You are smart, and kind, and very down to earth. Its refreshing to be around you,

Dani: You were such a great hubby! Even though I wasn’t there for most of it. You stuck by me and supported me, and overall you were such a great and honest friend to me. You encouraged me to be the best I could be even when I didnt think I could. You always believed in me. I really appreciate it.

Crystal: You are an adorable goofball and I’m gonna miss your upbeat attitude. You were always very friendly and smiley and I loved that! You never failed to make me smile and I know u will continue to make so many others smile in my absence.

Bambi: I’m convinced you are 11/10 an angel sent down from god. I’ve never met someone so adorable and sweet, and just a truly good person.

Will: I’m gonna miss your jokes, your pranks, our inside jokes, and always knowing u were somewhere hiding in my office.

Jordan: Thank you for always being there to have deep intellectual conversations with me. I appreciate knowing that I’m not the only one out there who has similar experiences. You are very kind, and super super smart. Like it blows me away every time.

Julian: Thank you for bringing me Philip II, Phillip III, Phillip IV, etc. & showing me the llamas and leaving me gifts, you are so sweet.

Almerian: You are such a sweetheart, you just got that strong Hufflepuff glow to you and It makes my day.

Smile: You have always been so positive and its very nice to be around, thank you for making this world a little bit happier.

Max: You may not be able to see this, but you were my best friend. I got so excited every time you came on. You made me smile, you made me laugh. You took me on crazy knock turn adventures. You made so much of my knock turn experience unforgettable. I looked up to you. You were one of my very first friends. I miss you. But I shall see you again.

Allie: You introduced me to knock turn, and for that I am grateful. We have been best friends for over a decade now, so its safe to say lll see u again.

Melody: You are such a kind, understanding, thoughtful, and giving soul, you truly care for others and I appreciate it.

Emily: Thank you for being such a fun friend to hang out with. You stuck up and loved your knock turn fam like no other. You are loyal as heck. I’m gonna miss that.

Smol: IM SORRY AGAIN FOR TAKING SO MANY BUBBLE TEA I DIDN’T MEAN TO! Also. I’m gonna miss you. a lot. You are just an all around good friend to so many people. You were like knock turns social butterfly. Everyone knew you and everyone had so many great things to say about you. Especially me. Im gonna miss you.

Sergio: I’m gonna miss you. I may have been ur favorite season but you will always be my favorite cough Krum cough Strange. <3

Pandetta: You do so much to contribute to this amazing server. You work your butt off every day just to keep knock turn at its best, all the while keeping up with your own life. I admire you for all the hard work you have done. I aspire to be as hardworking, smart, and talented as you one day. I wish I could’ve gotten to know you more. Maybe one day if I return.

Thank you as well to Harry, Haley, Bonnie, Tahj, Ashleigh, James, Aria, Dils, Michelle, Michael, Amy, Cris, Percy, Theo, Wes, Keyla, Johnny, Jack, etc… (If I forgot your name I’m sorry. I do miss you. My memory just sucks.)

I have been here since 2015. It is nearing 2020. I have watched people come and go. I have watched people grow. I have even grown a lot myself. This place will always hold a huge part of my heart, and my childhood.

Thank you for being an amazing knock turn family. I love you, and I’ll miss you. This is not goodbye. This is “Till next time” <3

-Winnie o/


Nonono thank you for making the world a bit happier! Or even a lot! Anyways I wish you bestest of luck with your health and life.
Love yaaa :heart:

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Definitely focus more on your health than the server oml :rofl:

We’ll always be here for you so don’t push yourself and make sure you ur kicking like a kewl kucumber :cucumber:

Catch u around!

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omg i’m gonna miss you!! <3

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