Review Last Jedi (SPOILERS)

So I saw TLJ a week ago and I loved it! I’d like to know what you all think of it! Don’t be afraid to put in Spoilers. If You haven’t seen TLJ yet,

  1. Go see it.
  2. Come back and give your review.
  3. Don’t read this before watching it there will be spoilers.

My opinion of it is good. My least favorite thing about it was how they didn’t kill off Leia. But I loved at the end she light sped through the ship.

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I hated when Leia used the force.
It seemed so forced. you see what i did there
Like, I would’ve been completely okay if she just DIED right there, because they can’t have her in the next movie. And she wasn’t even present for most of it, Haldo was heading everything.


IKR! The actor is dead anyway! Why keep her alive, that would have been so dramatic if they let her die there!

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Omg rip Ginny, “the actor is dead, why keep her alive in the movie also?” Hahaha


I agree, Leia should’ve died. I can understand that they had some moments they may have wanted to keep with Leia in it but honestly, even if the actor wasn’t dead I’d be mad about this. Leia isn’t really relevant to the story anymore so why keep her?

I’m also angry about how Admiral Ackbar died. Leia was the only one who people mentioned after he died. He has one of the most memorable lines for gods sake! He and the others who died with him weren’t ever mentioned after their death.

I’m very happy about how Luke died, I enjoyed how his death wasn’t huge and extreme like a lot of people thought it would be. I liked how his death protected those he loved while at the same time it wasn’t very dramatic. He wasn’t killed by Kylo Ren and thats what I loved so much. He knew it was his time to die. I loved that moment where they feel his death. For me that one moment almost makes up for Leia not dying. I liked how they knew it had happened but they understood that it couldn’t have been prevented.

I hated the Finn and Rose thing. It felt very forced. They only just met each other and then Rose risks her life for Finn. I think Rose wasn’t needed and I dislike how star wars wanted to give Finn a romantic relationship. Finn didn’t need that.

I like how they revealed that Rey’s parents were nobodys. Everyone had been arguing about it when really, why did it matter? Sure, people were curious, as was Rey but did it really matter? It made something everyone thought would be super important into something completely irrelevant. I like how they did that to Snoke as well. Everyone was like: Who is Snoke, whats his story? It’s not important. I enjoyed how they made everything people thought was important irrelevant in seconds.

I hated how the movie dragged on. There were at least 3 times I went: It’s not over yet? Everything in the end could’ve been in a different movie. The ending with the kid made no sense as well. I get what they’re trying to say with that ending but was it needed? The kids weren’t relevant and I doubt they ever will be.


I feel the exact same way about everything you said, sofia. I loved Luke’s death. It just felt right for him to die, and he knew it was time for him to go.

I think the story would’ve been good if Finn just sacrificed himself to stop the laser cannon thing. How did Rose even get there in time?
And then they kissed, like what the heck?

I totally agree, like if they let Finn die it would have made up for all the flaws of the movie. Did any of you watch the SuperCarlinBrothers review on it?

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I think that they finished shooting BEFORE she died es, and it probably would have been hard to give her a respectable death without the actress. They hadn’t known she was going to die at the time.
The Yoda Scene is one of MY FAVORITE


(I stole this theme from a comment on a YouTube video)
The fact that Rey is of no (known or relevant) Force sensitive lineage shows that she is great by herself, not born that way.
The Jedi from the days of the Republic rarely had Force sensitive lineage, but developed it on their own, as Jedi were not allowed to have children.

Tbh, I hated that Yoda was in the movie. I felt like he was only there because they wanted him in there, not because it was good for the plot

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I literally watched it as soon as the review came out- I was waiting for it xD I honestly agree with mostly everything they said in the video

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I liked that Yoda was in there to tease Luke. Honestly, it kinda made the movie funnier for me xD


One of my only problems is that the movie was funny. It had the most jokes in a Star Wars movie so far. It will forever be compared to Empire, which was the darkest one in the original trilogy. Unrelatedly, anyone see the books on the falcon?


I totally agree with ya.

THe only thing about Leila dying is that the filming of the movie ended long before Carrie Fisher died. They probably thought she would be alive for the next movie.


My favorite part is when Rose zapped Finn

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Tru tru. Didn’t think bout’ that

But they had the death set up so perfectly there, but then she just used the force to fly through space. Why set that up if you were clearly setting up something that is HIGHLY improbable for someone untrained with the force o.o

What I’m confused about is the writers decision to set up that scenario in the first place, and not have her die.

I agree with Katherine. When I saw it happen, I was so sure she would die. It would’ve worked so well for the movie. I think it would’ve made the Resistance fight harder. I can also see it motivating Kylo Ren. It would’ve helped the characters grow so much.