Rictusempra effect on broom-rider should dismount victim

Floated this in the staff channel, Michael asked me to put it here so he could track it, so here it is.

If a user’s broom level isn’t above the required broom level to use their broom, and they attempt to mount the broom while under Rictusempra’s effect or are hit with Rictusempra while on the broom, they should be knocked off the broom. The broom level required to stay on could also scale with the speed one is moving at, it’s kind of a mechanical balance decision at that point. (Cito Spiralis may qualify for a lesser version of the effect, or perhaps should cause its own effect to kick in while on broom?)

Why it will be good:
It’s really hard to hold on to a broom while you’re uncontrollably spasming about from the tickling charm, but currently people can easily escape Rictu’s effect by mounting a broom or hold on even as an utter broom novice, which doesn’t make sense from a lore/RP/immersion perspective. Rictusempra in particular is notorious for the uncontrollable nature of the laughter it inflicts, and it would take quite a skilled broom rider indeed to maintain control while under its effects.

How it will work in code/other functions
Simple check in brooms (for checking if someone is mounting while rictu’d) and in rictu (for checking if it hit someone already on a broom) checking the victim’s broom level against the plus-or-times the broom’s level / speed / whatever balancing you find appropriate. If the victim fails the check, they’re forcibly dismounted as if they’d flown too high or left the broom-enabled region. Might be able to make Rictu continue the effect where it left off at that point? Not actually sure how Rictu works on a free-falling victim.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature

Which server?
Hogwarts / Towny if it ever updates its brooms plugin (the rictu dismount probably shouldn’t be allowed on Quid due to griefing potential)

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Did you read the template before submitting?


My fault for asking mag to do so. Thanks anyway :+1: