Roleplay on Hogwarts?

This has been on my mind for a while…

Not many people roleplay on Hogwarts… I am making this post to see whether or not there are people interested to roleplay on Hogwarts :slight_smile:. For me personally whenever I think about roleplaying on Hogwarts I first think about these: Is there anyone else interested to roleplay? What should I roleplay about?

Without further rambling I am thinking about making a roleplay group for Hogwarts. People who would like to roleplay, but don’t know how to start.

Time for a small poll to decide if I should proceed with this :smiley:

  • I’m interested to RP on Hogwarts
  • I’m not interested to RP on Hogwarts

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If people are actually interested. I will be updating this post :blush:

I’m surprised that there is no roleplay on Hogwarts so far due to the amount of people being intrested so far is greater that the amount of people who are not intrested.

If you are one you are not intrested then there is no point in reading further for you :slightly_smiling_face:

For the people that are intrested though:

First of all, I love the feedback from @smilemaster8 and I totally agree with what @Max said. Thinking about it, irp we would be children between the age of 11-18 who are basically at school so therefore there is no killing. If you develope a deep hate relationship with another character of course youd like to harm the other, but that won’t be considered killing, that would just send them to the infirmary. Also considering that this takes place in the future, I would like that we consider that whatever happened in the books/movies is purely history. If I even remember correctly, sometimes HoM uses characters from the series. You know where I’m getting at right? No one can be an evil, all powerful death eater xD.

Okay for the characters that we could use, I’d like to set up a guideline on making it, to include knockturn mechanics and such into it. So here is a list of things to keep in mind

  • Out irp age is determined by our in game year

  • You must be from the house that you got sorted in game

  • You should not use spells that you can’t actually cast in game.

  • The time and date of the rp is equivalent of that in game

  • Your IRP name is equivalent to that of your in game character

  • Keep the basic RP rules, no metagaming or powergameing.

  • Use only items that are in game during rp (Example1 is a potion, when a friend is hurt irp for example you can give them a potion to heal them if you have that potion on you. Example2 You are outside and want to fly away from someone for some reason, you can only do that irp only if you have a broom on you.)

  • The RP should and must go into RP chat (not sure if it’s still there, the key was “,” hope it’s still there xD

  • Common rooms? Well you are indeed allowed if you know the password or go there with a friend in game, but I feel like for the roleplay we should keep it forbidden to be in other common rooms besides your own, unless… You find a way to sneak in irp to do something and no one finds you. Punishment for being caught? We can’t really set up a punishment for it since it’s not a rule on the server therefore, if you are found you’ll just be kicked out of the common room (have to leave).

  • Hogsmead role-playing is allowed after Y3 when you get acess to it. The rest of location besides Hogwarts are only allowed during summer in game.

  • No apparation on Hogwarts Grounds.

Now the biggest question you might have right now

What do we RP about?


I’d love to keep this as open as possible. For now the biggest purpose I intended for the post is to bring together the people who wish to rp. You can build friendships. If you are y4+ I’ll say you can even build “crushes”, make friends, enemies, have secrets, explore, prank each other, challenge each other for duels, have fun… Some might say, but we are already doing this… Well it is true but it’s something else when you roleplay as someone instead of yourself speaking. If we do proceed with this “Roleplay Group” we would keep the roleplay alive throught the years in game, it wouldn’t be a just one time type of roleplay. Pande offered us this amazing server with these amazing features, now we can live our fantasies to attend hogwarts, but it’s even better if we act as if we do it in reality.

Is there some kind of “main plot”?
I am not sure. That’s for you to decide! If you do want some kind of storyline, just reply to this post, if you have any creative ideas, even better.

Lastly and finally


(section must be filled using the informations on knockturn, besides the last 2)

Discord: (required for people to contact with you in case they want to roleplay with you.)
Favorite/talented in subject:
Hated/bad in subject:

Personality Traits: (at least 2 positive and 2 negative)
Likes: (keep it related to the Wizarding World)
Dislikes: (keep it related to the Wizarding World)
Biggest Fear:
Pet: (Must own the pet in game ex: Snow, owl)

(Do not go overboard here, respect the current times, and remember when the books/movies happened ex: I was born in a family of death eaters <-- it shouldn’t be like that :slightly_smiling_face:. If you are an older year, you can even write your porgess untill the year you are for example someone who is Year 2 can write a summary of what they did on their firs year ex:Alex in his first year learned a lot and made an amazing friend named insert name here. ex2: Alex in his first year decided not to follow his friends advise and ventured into the forbidden forest where he got into a fight with a pheonix and got really hurt. Of course please write here about your past before hogwarts too, for example where you lived, whom you lived with, what is your parents (unless they are dead) occupation and stuff like that.)

Okay I think I targeted most of the things I wanted to talk about :slight_smile: any questions/suggestions are welcomed :slightly_smiling_face:

It depends on the kind of rp, actually. I don’t think killing each other or doing things that are not canon doesn’t fit rly much xD

Yes, I was about the get there with my next post xD but first I wanted to see if people would be intrested in it

I like the idea of players having own rp’s going on^^ As long as it doesn’t include things for which we’d have to rp-wise close the school xD

I think Hogwarts rp has alot of potential. You can rp in the commonroom, classes, just running through the castle, practicing spells, defeating monsters, walking in London, Quidditch and way more. People think rp on Hogs is hard but the way I see it Hogs has LOADS of rp possibilities :slight_smile:

We tried to get rp on hogs going no one showed up unless i ran it so

Anyone intrested, the post is updated now :slightly_smiling_face:

I mean I am but I’m rarely on unless its summer and like you said no one rps on hogs

Discord: Almerian#8193
Name: Almerian MacCraith
Age: 15
House: Hufflepuff
Gift: Charms
Curse: Hexes
Bloodtype: Pureblood
Favorite/talented in subject: DADA/Charms
Hated/bad in subject: History of Magic

Appearance: Blonde, with her hair usually in a ponytail or braid. On the chubbier side (“I prefer ‘Huggable’ thanks.”) and average height.
Personality Traits: Nosy, Impulsive, Persistent, Dependable
Likes: Quidditch, exploring, showing off, most magical candies
Dislikes: puking pasties, dueling, potions homework
Biggest Fear: Disappointing others
Pet: Noodle the owl

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I’d also like to suggest a thread or something where we can indicate when we’ll be able to RP in-game. Example being that we can say “Almerian will be in the book club room later tonight working on homework” so people know they can find you there if they’re available to RP.


That’s a great! My initial idea of the required discord username was for this purpose, but I guess we could use this thread to notify people of rp possibility. Therefore feel free to reply here with a location if you want to RP to let everyone know where they can find you :slightly_smiling_face:

Discord: _Shizue#0007

Name: Sofia Blishwick (Blishwick is my birth lastname. I’m using that cause I changed mine to Slytherin due to marriage and a 13 year old wouldnt be married most likely)
Age: 13
House: Ravenclaw
Gift: Healing
Curse: Counterspells
Bloodtype: Pureblood
Favorite/talented in subject: Arithmancy
Hated/bad in subject: Potions

Appearance: Her hair is naturally brown but is dyed dark blue. She has blue eyes and pale skin. She’s rather short and is about 4’11".

Personality Traits: Creative, independent, impatient, opinionated, competitive
Likes: Chocolate frogs, blue, reading, frozen music
Dislikes: red, anything sold at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes or Zonko’s Joke Shop
Biggest Fear: Getting bad grades, being wrong
Pet: She has a pygmy puff named Kristen Stewart and a cat named Sofa Queen (at least I think thats what they’re called?)

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Quick note: I’m happy that some people are finally making characters :smiley:

Name: Alex Kennedy
House: Hufflepuff
Gift: Backfire Chance
Curse: Curses
Bloodtype: Pureblood.
Favorite/talented in subject: Potions and Defence against the dark arts.
Hated/bad in subject: Transfiguration and History of Magic.

Appearance: Alex, has black hair and brown eyes, he is avrege hight and build.
Personality Traits: Curious, ambitious, shy, pessimistic.
Likes: Magical Creatures, reading, pumpkin pastry and butterbear.
Dislikes: Dragons, hags, boggarts.
Biggest Fear: Dragons.
Pet: An owl named Snow and a cat named Midnight.

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Discord: hermit crab#0458
Name: Herm Kennedy
Age: 12
House: Hufflepuff
Gift: Backfirechance
Curse: Curses
Bloodtype: Pureblood
Favorite/talented in subject: Charms and Magical Theory
Hated/bad in subject: Transfiguration.

Appearance: Herm is shorter than average and is on the chubby side along with having a pale complexion. She has blonde hair which falls over her shoulders. Her eyes are a light brown and she often wears Hufflepuff sweaters to show her pride.
Personality Traits: Outgoing, friendly, stubborn, loud, honest, clumsy, and forgetful.
Likes: Cats, Magical Theory, homework, flying, studying, owls, most plants, fire, cake and most candies.
Dislikes: Being late to class, pranks, cacti, Potions, Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans, too many colours all displayed at once,
Biggest Fear: Being hated by everyone.
Pet: A tabby cat named Amanda which she takes everywhere.

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Tho a brief reminder for peeps that while butter beer is delicious, it’s canonically alcoholic. So that means if you’re not a 13 year old that goes to Hogsmeade, you’re sneaking it or your parents let you drink.

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