Roleplay Opportunity!

Letholduses eyes turned black as midnight as his evil persona took control of his body.
The evil within him had only one goal, to make everyone feel like he did in the orphanage, abandoned!


This is an opportunity for you. Have you ever felt like your character can’t really do much as a child? Are you in a desperate need of an RP idea? If you answered any of those questions with YES then this is an opportunity for you!

Letholdus will make every child feel abandoned, he will try to kidnap you from your families!
This RP will not kill your character IRP unless of course you wish to do so. What is the goal of this? Letholdus will IRP kidnap you and bring you to a secluded location in the woods, where he will keep you until your parents or someone older finds you.

If your child wants to take part in this this is an opportunity for you too! Since you’ll be most likely a worried parent, you’ll try to search for your child or ask for help, find the culprit?

As you saw above, this oprtunity is both for children and their parents! I’ll be inserting 2 application formats down below! Parents before signing up, consult your child and come to an agreement! If you’d like to take part in this all you need to do is fill out the following sheet and you will receive a message from me on discord.

**RP Name:**
**Child RP Name:**
**Child Discord:**
**RP Name:**


I saw the question pop up about what age should a character be in order to apply. The answer is they can be anywhere from 0 to 11.

You may apply to this untill 4th of February :smile:


RP Name: Elodie Immelman
Discord: MadHatterMojo#0645



RP Name: Tamari Ennes
Discord: Dils#3771

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