Ron Stone // Tom Mauser // TomDweeb - MIA

I am going on a MIA from 1st of July to the 8th. I’m going to Croatia with some friends. I won’t have access to my laptop, however I’m fully available on Discord and Discourse. See you then!


Croatia! It’ll likely be lively on July 1st. They play Denmark in the world cup :wink: Have fun!!

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I am very very Jealous

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Ah Croatia, im jealous :smiley: Enjoy time with friends!! :blush:

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Yeah, it rather is :joy:

Have fun Scottish boi!

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Thank you! I’m sure you’ll come to Croatia at one point in your life, it’s beautiful here :grin:

Thanks you Scottish girl! xD

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Croatia, nice! Have a great time, man! :grinning:


Thank you human being that must make an audio book!

See ye Ron!

Lily (Tom Lovegoods twin)

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