Rule change/clarification: allow "fluff builds"

Modify the build code rules to explicitly allow “fluff builds” like libraries, public pools (of course), theaters, gymnasiums, warehouses, and other such buildings whose primary purpose is not explicitly “shop”, “home”, or “apartment”.

According to Hari, the build code prohibits the creation or ownership of any player-owned building that is not specifically a shop (and designed like some kind of standard shop, not just having a shop as a secondary function), a house, or an apartment. This came up in regards to that public pool build that I never shut up about; Hari told me after my ban that it wouldn’t be allowed anyway by the build code.

I don’t agree with such a strict interpretation, and of all the admins and moderators I’ve spoken to about it in the past, until that moment nobody ever told me it wouldn’t be allowed (and in fact some of them donated significant amounts of money to the fund to build it, which I interpreted as implicit approval). Therefore, I would like this change to be made to ensure that it is permitted.

Why it will be good:
Fluff builds are useful for RP and add flavour to the setting, and so long as they don’t violate other parts of the build code in the process, I see no downside to allowing them.

How it will work in code/other functions
No code; someone with access to the wiki rewords the build code or adds a segment explicitly permitting fluff builds.
Edit: If the wiki is broken, a forum post would do.

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Not sure who actually has access to the wiki, but it shouldn’t take long assuming someone does? Edit: If not the wiki, then on the forums.

Which server?


The head of builders at this time, with owner support, is going to say no to this. For now, user regions are to remain as shops and apt as that was their intended purpose.

If you would like a public service build to be added to a location, make a suggestions post for it and the builder team/head can decide where and if theyll add it. This way they can design the exterior and interior of the build to fit the purpose.

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My whole POINT was that people shouldn’t have to be staff members to be able to decide what to build in their own purchased regions, so long as they built it well.

Sometimes as much as the region could possibly include a indoor pool or a library it wouldn’t reflect on a real ideally sized library. I do understand the idea of a public shared space where players could just build it in their regions they buy but that would sometimes require to build beyond the assigned region cause it would look misplaced. Eg aquariums in a random apartment looking building in london looks very misplaced.

I’m not stating that our rules are perfect or ideal but atm we already have enough on our plate for even asking moderators and other staff to go around and check on builds. And arguably one can believe that they have “Build it well” while another may think it wasn’t built well, hence who would be able to determine if it is or not if it’s not staff? If it’s by player base there would be bias if we allowed flexibility in what can be built friends could declared it for you as well built there can still be dispute by another player may think “hey my build was better than playerA” why was mine not declared well built? Get the drift?

We’re trying to make it as equal for players as possible without trying to add on more rules specific to fluff builds if we allow it. Sure we may look like the bad guys but in reality we do have our own reasons why we would restrict certain things. And if you don’t believe so then that’s up to you, we don’t have an obligation to make you understand our reasons if you refuse to see it. Also this server was built by staff and it is owned by pande who actively pays out of pocket and her time to run it so she does have a choice in what she can implement onto the server. It would be like me talking to you who’s just bought a cake with your hard earned money saying “Hey I don’t like what your eating” and trying to replace it with something like idk a burrito when you worked hard to buy that cake you wanted.

In terms of public builds where players can go to interact that isnt their house or apartment - eg public pools, gyms and stuff. That is a good suggestion, which we will try and look into however atm as you know we are people with irl stuff to handle as well and atm due to a change in head of builders we are still trying to pick up pieces of projects we already have planned and currently in action so any information in regards to this will be announce or maybe open to public for discussion in the future when builder team is more organised so until then there will be not much information/action in regards to public builds.

  • a word from Head of Builders
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