Sammy Jorkins - FROM: Celestine TO: Melismour

Rules For Applying:

  • Title-> Firstname Lastname - FROM: house TO: house
  • Year 2+. Don’t bother applying under year 2. It’s auto-denied no matter what you say.
  • All house changes are final. You can never make another house change again, so be sure you want it.

IGN: saranghai
RP NAME: Sammy Jorkins
NEW HOUSE: Melismour
REASON: (Must be at least 3 paragraphs. Must really summarize why you aren’t the other house and why you are the new house. Remember ALL FOUR HOUSE HEADS have to agree to you to move.)
I was first assigned Celestine (Ravenclaw) when I joined five years ago, and the values of curiosity and a love of learning certainly were core to 13 year old me. However, as I’ve grown older, I feel like I much more closely identify with Gryffindor and most importantly Hufflepuff. I’ve always been fiercely loyal to my friends and loved ones - and growing older gave me the confidence to not see that as a weakness, and stand up for what I care about instead of safely staying more secluded on my own.

I still have that curiosity and passion for more ‘nerdy’ subjects, but now I value researching it with friends and working with my peers even more fulfilling than just gathering knowledge on my own. I’ve always believed in kindness as one of the most important traits to have, and I’m now known as one of the most open and accepting people in my year irl, and received a prefect award for being passionate and encouraging, and always trying to lift the spirits of my peers. When my friends needed something, and were too shy to get it, or were being talked over, I’ve always stood up for them. Justice is another one of my core values, and even though my judgement has misguided me at times, I’ve passionately defended what I believed in for me and my loved ones. And heck, even the stereotypical Hufflepuff softness is now true; I’m incredibly affectionate with my friends, and quite literally fight with hugs and love, not war.

It’s hard to do this as I’ve been in Ravenclaw for so long, and will always love my fellow birbs and remain a nerd, but I value the Hufflepuff traits so much more now. As I’ve grown, I’ve realised that my greatest life goal is to be with my loved ones, family and friends, and celebrate and grow alongside them. Curiosity will always be a central part of me but I truly feel like Hufflepuff (Melismour) is the best fit for me now. Thank you :3


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Sad to see you go, but I’m sure the Melismours will welcome you with opened arms. Feel free to do /helpop when an owner is online ! (I’ll be on soon)