School For Good and Evil

screencapture-i-pinimg-736x-b4-55-38-b45538dd97cc70dfcb2b8d076afb6a6a-good-and-evil-fan-fiction-jpg-1505353241105Well, as you may have guessed, this is a School for Good and Evil rp. What is school for good and evil? School for good and evil is about 2 schools. 1 is good, 1 is evil. Both are in a fairy tail world where they are forever pitted against each other. For a whole century evil never won until a girl named Sophie came. She found a way to bring evil back to where it was long ago. Now, evil and good have new ideas about what good and evil is. If you don’t know a lot about the series/never read the books I recommend reading the wiki. This is set in the time of after the fourth book which is coming out soon, cause that is when the new year arrives. Readers (People who come from the non-magic world) are still taken and descendants still go.

To join just put your:
Rp Name:
Rp Town (Ex: Frost of Ravenswood. Must be a town from SGE):
Descendant, teacher, or reader, if descendant please specify who you are related to:
Rp age:
What your character looks like:


(question, does it have to be only the classic/book fairy tales or can these be Disney too? Older ones at least xD for descendant)

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(As long as it’s a fairy tale)

name: roxana tranou hook, but insists on being called roxi.
town: bloodbrook
descendant, niece of captain hook
age: 14, soon to be 15
looks like: roxi has long wavy bright red hair, wide deep hazel eyes ringed with gold, is very pale,
and is always wearing white that is dirty with dirt.
personality: very stubborn and quick to whip out, tries very hard to never lie no matter what, and scoffs at true love and all that nonsense. she’s also very loyal and soft hearted as hard as she tries to hide it. very passionate and energetic about whatever she is doing or saying. walks with a bounce in her step. smells like smoke.
she is a never (goes to the school for evil)

actually, im an ever (good) though is wish i wasent because my great grandmother was cinderella on the other side of my family.

i forgot my background!
background: when i was born my parents abandoned me on the street. wich just proves that just because your related to someone doesent mean your important to anyone. an old nursemaid found me. she kept me alive until i turned five and she was faced with a choice. marry her love one and kick me out the door or keep me. she chose option b. i survived the next nine years and was on the brink of the death when the opputernity to come to the school. i took it.

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