Sebastian Shaw - FROM: Celestine TO: Serpentine

Rules For Applying:

  • Title-> Firstname Lastname - FROM: house TO: house
  • Year 2+. Don’t bother applying under year 2. It’s auto-denied no matter what you say.
  • All house changes are final. You can never make another house change again, so be sure you want it.

IGN: ScruffyFish
RP NAME: Sebastian Shaw
YEAR: 2nd
NEW HOUSE: Serpentine
REASON: (Must be at least 3 paragraphs. Must really summarize why you aren’t the other house and why you are the new house. Remember ALL FOUR HOUSE HEADS have to agree to you to move.)

I want to join Slytherin/Serpentine because it’s where I belong. I have many reasons for this and hope that I can explain them all in an understanding way so that you’ll also come to an agreement that the Serpentine house is where I truly belong. I have taken tests to find my house in the past and it always results in Slytherin. My prior Minecraft account was also placed into Serpentine. I feel like this is accurate because I share many of the Slytherin traits, such as being a strong-willed, clever person who has a strong determination when it comes to their Ambition. Sadly, I had originally let someone borrow this account so that they could enjoy Minecraft with me and although they didn’t stay they did get as far as taking the test. When I decided to play again, I couldn’t go back and reset the account so that I could answer the questions to fit myself and therefore I was misplaced into Ravenclaw/Celestine.

While thinking of why I would fit into the Serpentine house, I realized that a Serpentine could easily be misplaced in Celestine. And therefore I could easily slide unnoticed and even seem to fit, in this wrong house. Although while I am Clever and do well in classes, or learning skills, it’s always because I have a goal to reach that would benefit from it. Many times I’m not learning a new skill for the achievement of learning but for what I could use the skill for/ gain from the skill. Thankfully I am self-aware of this and know that I truly belong in Serpentine instead, but others who may only be looking at the surface of my grades may mistake my Cleveness for Wisdom. An example of this in my life has been when I learned a few general signs in sign language when living in an area with many deaf communities. Not because I wanted to learn the language but because it would aid me in speaking to others that only spoke the language while in a store or business. This is one of the main differences I see in myself versus a true Celestine.

Another example of this is the fact that I only truly focus on the things I need to pass classes or reach my spell goals and ignore the ‘useless’ things when learning. I view knowledge like a tool more than anything else and if it’s not something that I can use to achieve my goals then I am not interested. I’m very resourceful and clever and often find shortcuts that I can take to reach my goals faster than others who may take a more honest path. I also see myself as a strong leader when it comes to reaching goals with a group as I know how to delegate and direct others into a role I feel they would be strong in for the better of the group, even if they can’t see it themselves. This doesn’t always mean that I am ready to jump into a leadership role though, as more often than not I would rather achieve my goals alone if possible. I only chose to be in groups if it would better benefit me later, ie: I would reach my goals faster or the outcome would be greater than if I had worked alone.

I believe that being a perfectionist is a direct result of my constant need to meet my goals and match the standards that are set. Oftentimes, my goals are set with high expectations/standards and so I do whatever it takes to reach that goal, even if it means completely redoing a task that I already finish but may have not given me the exact outcome that I wanted. This is from being so determined to reach that goal with the outcome that I want, regardless of the pain it may cause for me.

As a person who has always been misunderstood, or found kinship with those who are, I feel like I would fit the best into a house that has a reputation of being the most misunderstood. I’ve always been able to connect to the villains of stories because of the ways that I look deeper into the reasonings for their behavior. While this isn’t exactly a trait of a Slytherin/Serpentine, I do feel like it’s relevant because sometimes it’s forgotten that these traits don’t mean someone’s a “bad person.” People often forget to look beyond someone’s surface or behaviors and therefore at face value a Serpentine may be seen as the Blacksheep meanwhile they just have different standards or values. In conclusion, I believe that I completely belong in the Serpentine house by not just the standards placed by the founders but also by my own views of the house. I learn things only for the direct benefit that the knowledge gives me, I am a strong leader when needed, I’m resourceful, Clever, and determined or stubborn even to a fault.


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