Selling 3 brooms

Hello :smiley:
I am selling a few brooms.

  1. A starsweeper for 1200g. It has a custom name (you choose) and unbreaking.
  2. Another starsweeper for 1210g. It has a custom name (once again, you choose :slight_smile:) and mending.
  3. A Clean Sweep 3 for 100g

Original Prices (at QQS and/or Cosetteโ€™s):
1 = 1700g
2 = 1700g
3 = 200g

If you would like to buy one of them (or more :laughing:) either reply to this post, msg me on discourse, or msg me on discord (Emily.Allen#7750).

Thank you :smile:

The star sweepers are now 1000g each, but only for 1month (donโ€™t ask why that amount of time :stuck_out_tongue: )