Selling 6 items on Mordonia

Ok! So, I as you could tell by the title, I am selling 6 items. These items are:

Lapis Fishing Rod
Cobalt Sword SOLD!
Summoner’s Sword
Maze Beater SOLD!
Minor Helmet
The Elder Sword SOLD!

Here are the enchants:

The prices are:
2 crowns for Lapis Fishing Rod
1 pieces for Cobalt Sword
6 pieces for Summoner’s Sword
1 crown for The Elder Sword
6 pieces for Minor Helmet

(Prices can be negotiated)

Mail me or reply to this topic if you are interested

I’ll take the Maze Beater

Max Beater xD
Good choice

I’ll take the summoners sword. I’ll negotiate with you some time when I’m available today.

I will take

The Elder Sword and the Lapis Fishing Rod

Nahh dont go with fance. 3 crowns for the elder sword.

I’ll take the Cobalt sword for the given price.