Selling a house in yorkshire

Hello, I’m selling a house in Yorkshire. It is two stories, a nice size for the low price, and the exterior and interior are very modern and inviting. With three bedrooms and a large living area downstairs, it is the perfect home for you. This property has a floo fireplace right next door, making it easily accessible and convenient to get to! All in all, the house is lovely and has lots of character - all for a cheap price. Does it get much better than that?

Price: 800g
Directions: Floo to GoreFamily and turn left out the front door. It is the blue house right next door!

If you are interested, please either owl mail me on hogwarts (my ign is TheHatterIsMad (there are underscores on each end)) or dm me on discord (Emily.Allen#7750)

Thanks :smiley:

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