Semi-MIA- Daisy Jorkins/Thorner (multiple dates)

so I will be going Semi-MIA as school is starting.

On August 1st I have a Open House for my new school. Between like 11 and 4 or something idk yet.
On August 6th it is the first day of my new school.

Also either before August 6th and after the 1st or before the 1st, Me and some of my best friends (except for one in Canada-) I may go to Laser Tag. Which will be fun speaking I probably will never see them again. (we’re moving)

And also, I may be MIA somewhere between August 2nd - August 5th, because I may or may not have a pencil case/textbooks/notebooks/a binder to store everything in. I will be bringing like all of my drawing supplies + more, and my dad put my last year stuff somewhere. smh i am sad and if we can’t find it, then I will go shopping on one of those days.

Most days at 8pm I will not be on, because that’s the time I will swim.

This year, I’m doing Band and Musical Theater aka Drama. So if I have any concerts and/or plays, I will make sure to keep you guys on date with them. <3

Also, in quidditch, I’ll try to make it to all practices but there is a chance i wont be able to for a few weeks. Thank you!