Semi-MIA - Saundra Iani

Start Date: 1 January 2018
End Date: 10 January 2018


  1. I need a short break from everything in terms of work. I’ve just finished a huge project and I need time to just collect my thoughts so I can return on the 10th with clearer thoughts and a clearer direction.

  2. I have an assessment due on the 15th January. I really want to get at least 72 on it (a first class) to ensure I keep my high averages at the moment. I’m gonna spend these 10 days doing this assessment start to finish, not in a panic because “I’ve left it” but because doing it after Christmas/NY is better for me.


  1. I will be on for roleplays only and to VC with my beautiful Iani family (Lettiere’s too and Nesimi’s too obviously)
  1. I will be on to fix urgent Spyre issues. Minor issues such as a quest movement should go to someone else, if not they can wait and I apologise in advance for any future inconveniences this MIA causes on people’s spyre quests - but don’t worry I’ll get your minor stuff sorted when I’m back.

  2. Helper duties. I’ll be on to take tickets and guide as per normal.

Sniffs get better darling

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