Server shop price changes

Change the price of items in server shops (namely the bread at spawn) to a reasonable price that user shops can compete with.

Why it will be good:
I think that changing the princes will promote users to create their own businesses and explore other places around diagon and other areas to find different shops.

How it will work in code/other functions
Just change the price in the sign

Who do you imagine has time to implement this feature
Anyone who can change the price on server shops

Which server?

I think this was actually changed to the lower prices very recently due to another suggestion partially because cauldron cakes were very cheap on server shops since free bread is no longer an option. So cauldron cakes were made more expensive and bread was lowered as the user in the other suggestion wanted to be able to compete with cauldron cakes since it is a custom candy. This is primarily because the purpose of selling food from server shops is for newbs to have easy access to it, so they need to be able to afford it as well. We also attempted to make the bread price comparable to real life bread prices in London.

other suggestion

With that, I’m unsure if owners would decide to change the prices again so my personal suggestion would be to find another food that isn’t sold in server shops or is sold at a price that is easier to beat for you or to sell bread at a loss and make up for it with other items.

Anyone feel free to correct me or offer a different solution.

ETA: Wrote this from my phone so kinda messy, but this would likely apply to other foods you noticed as well. Non food items could potentially have a different solution depending on what it is.


My proposal would be to increase both a bit maybe-I don’t know I just remember when I used to sell it there was a good balance. I do understand if it can’t work out I guess though.