Seven Deadly Sins

Hello ladies and gents! So currently there is a season two airing for the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins”. I loved the first one, and despite trying to escape spoilers, I know too much. Anyway, I loved it so much I would like to make a role play about it! This will work similarly to the Fiore role play. Basically, message me an explanation of you character and I will approve/ask you to change some things. If you have questions about how to join, or anything about the show ask me. If not, why not join?

Plot: I don’t have anything in mind right now, but I was planning to make this like a next-gen rp. The original characters from the show are no longer alive, leaving places open for our characters to take. You can be a Seven deadly sin, a regular holy knight, or even a ten commandment (ironically the bad guys).

Fill this out for you desired character to join:
Role play name:
Alingment:(Sin, Knight, or Commandment)
Magic type: (Small description or your type of magic. Like Meliodas’ magic, “counter”)
Description of their appearance: (Clothes, hair, eyes, ect.)

If you are a Sin, explain which one you wish to be. For example " The Dragon sin of Wrath". All goals, personalities, and background will be revealed through role play, so no spoilers!

My Character:
Role play name: Toorn Zwakke
Alingment: Sin. The Dragon sin of Wrath.
Magic type: Confuse. Each spell, after used once becomes harder to use while in his presence. He also throws off how tired or hurt he may be, or how much power he actually has.
Description of their appearance: Toorn has long and messy blonde hair and misty purple eyes. He is short, only 5’ 3". Although not particularly muscular he is strong. He normally wears a leather vest matched with dark pants and boots that are a little too big for him. He carries around a short sword on his back.

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This anime isn’t too good in my opinion :confused: But hey whatever floats your boat

Role play name: Zenki grentin
Alingment: Sin. The fox sin of greed
Magic type: theft: upon seeing a opponents magic he can steal it from them making is so they can’t use it, he can only have 10 stolen at a time.
Description of their appearance: green cloak, white spiked hair, green eyes. Usually has no shirt, just the cloak. Black jeans and shoes.
He is 6’1

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Awe come on. Even if you don’t like it, join?

Role play name: Amille Verum
Alingment: Sin. The Lion sin of Pride.
Magic type: Sunshine. During the day, she becomes incredibly strong. However, during the night, her body becomes weak, looking like a common woman.
Description of their appearance: Amille holds her long, red hair back in a ponytail, revealing her sapphire blue eyes. She wears a suit of golden armor that she barely fits into during the day and is comically to small for at night. During the night, she sometimes removes her armor to reveal clothes that are similar to an irish bar-maid. Her day form is 10’6" and her night is 5’7’’. In battle, she wields Rhitta, an axe passed down to her, and out of battle, she wears a pair of magic glasses that suppresses her day form so she can look normal when she desires to.

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Toorn hummed to himself, not caring at all that he might bother someone. He strolled about, staring at the massive castle in the distance. He whistled, smiling. “Looks like I don’t have much farther to go. I’ll be meeting the other sins soon enough.”

Boulders flew at toorn.

Amille waited outside the castle, looking out in the distance as she waited.

Toorn glanced up, catching a boulder with one hand. He tossed it over his head, looking innocently at where they were coming from. “Must be raining pebbles.”

Somthing came at him spinning, a metal pile coming at him.

The spinning object was split in half, Toorn seeming not even moving. He watched the metal pile, whistling. “Cool.”

The pole cracks down on his head and then hes Grabed and thrown into a bunch of rocks.

Toorn tilted his head, stepping away from the dented boulder. “Well that wasn’t too nice.” He walked over to the pile, tilting his head.

There was a bunch of dust, a figure stood in the dust and spoke,
“Come on its no fun if ya don’t fight back.”

Toorn smiled, lifting his foot. The wind created by the force blew away all the dust surrounding them. “Then you haven’t been paying attention.”

The man standing there held what looked like giant nunchucks. He wore a green cloak and had wild and spiky white hair.
He smiled
“Been a while toorn, like what, 4, 5 years, I lost count a while ago.”
(Is toorn the captain )

(We can determine who is captin after all of them meet)

Toorn nodded. “It has.” He started walking back toward the castle again. “Don’t wanna be late do ya?”

“True but it’s been so long since anyone felt any damage to me, soooooooo, can you cut my arm off or somthing. Please.”

Toorn glanced over his shoulder. Before anyone could blink his arm was sent flying and blood splattered about. “You have some weird wants.”

“You hush.”
Slaps his back and walks tk the castle with him, grabbing is arm on the way