Shop Advertisement Challenge

Tired of constantly spamming #market channel?
Want to advertise your shop in other ways?
Well here’s a challenge for you!
Create a 3:4 or 1:1 poster about your shop!
Include which server it’s in, of course.
The best 4 will be posted one week each in the Knockturn social networks in the next 4 weeks!
DM Cris#0884 your creations in Discord!
Due date: 12th June


3:4 or 1:1?

ummmm What if its skins?

Those are sizes. 1:1 is a square and 3:4 is a rectangle with 3:4 dimensions thing (idk how to explain)

Sorry nope Fance xD

@Fancepants where are your inserted disappointed huehuehuehuehuehues? xD


:frowning: You’re a BAD SQUISHY!

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D: but but

Sarry <3 XD

Well, I mean, ya could take a screenshot of a skin and make a poster out of it in some way… XD

Like a Instagram photo Goose. :flower_playing_cards:

I will pay someone to make me one for my hogwarts shop

Really? Challenge accepted >:3 (really tho I can design the stuffs xD)